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Harry: I got squirted yesterday.

Grimmy: Did you Harry?

Harry: I was driving through London and these 2 guys pulled up next to me at the traffic lights and just squirted me in the face.

Louis: Yeah I just bought some waterguns.

Too noisy to make out something like “did they look like louis?” 

Harry: These two like grown men who were clearly just going…..

Harry: I felt so degraded afterwards.

Harry: I got squirted in the face.

Louis: *Sarcastic Laugh*

EDIT: Here’s a link to the entire interview with high quality audio - (x) BBCR1





Nothing about this was necessary.

are you kidding this was absolutely necessary

I can back this up.
Science confirms this was absolutely necessary.

Okay but let’s look at this seriously for just a second.
Alex Hirsch has written tweets about the phobias he used to lie awake at night thinking about as a child at night. I’m sure every kid has had horrific nightmares about monsters and horrors, and every kid will have these horrible thoughts, invasive daydreams and images. Hopefully not this intense, but indeed sometimes this intense. I know I used to, and still do. It’s just something the brain does that we can’t control.
By seeing scary things represented in a show, and seeing a main character react to them rationally (not freaking out. Standing up to the character that makes the nightmare happen)… We’ll, I don’t know about you, but that makes the child in me want to act like that character. Stand up to my nightmares, and be a little less scared. I think this was a fun thing to out into the show and fun for any kid who experiences nightmares to watch.
And even if it does make one feel creeped out, everyone enjoys feeling creeped out a little, especially in a safe controlled viewing experience.

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